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In addition to executing traditional integration projects, Arrington Automation strongly identifies as being a “boutique” solution provider, mastering client projects that are peculiar or unusual. We consistently deliver successful, high-quality solutions, regardless of the level of difficulty or uniqueness.

Successful projects require the capability of building the right team for the job, engaging the expertise needed for each type of solution. With the push towards remote work over the past few years, especially during the recent COVID-19 pandemic, many of the best control system engineering resources have switched to a contract job structure. Arrington Automation embraces and leverages these changes in the industry for project execution by pulling together the best, most suitable team for each commitment.


Traditional integrators have very large teams with high overhead that is passed on to the customer. A given project team may have a few A-level resources that act as main architects and planners, while the remainder of the team is made up of B/C-level resources, resulting in possible quality deficiencies or other project issues.

In contrast, we maintain a core group of excellent engineers and augment the project team with high-quality contracting system engineers (some 15–20 year veterans) to deliver projects with an entire team of A-level resources, thus maintaining a lean and efficient operation. This allows us to engage the “expert” for a required process or application on a project-by-project basis. Our core engineering group ensures project consistency and delivery excellence and remain long-term contacts for support upon project completion.

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