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Completion of Robotic 5D Milling Integration Project

Arrington Automation engineers recently completed the Design and Integration of a 5D Robotic Milling cell for a customer. The robotic cell is capable of milling unique, custom large-scale work-pieces. The milling envelope is roughly 25' wide by 6' deep by 8' tall. This allows the customer to mill and surface finish large-scale work-pieces from a 3D CAD model.

Arrington Automation was responsible for the full mechanical and electrical design of the system including selecting and locating a 7th linear axis for the existing customer robotic asset, mechanically designing and fabricating all tooling and fixtures to adapt the axis for use, and electrical design of all control and integration hardware.

The 7th axis started it's life in use for radar scanning and required a complete redesign of all tooling and fixtures robotic mounting.

It was also in rough shape after having changed hands a few times.

Full mechanical design and modeling of the entire robotic system was completed to provide a fully integrated robotic milling system including automated spindle/milling tool change. The designed and fabricated spindle drive panel included a Rockwell 440C Programmable safety relay for personnel safety and Devicenet Remote IO for full automation control via the KUKA internal software PLC.

Overall, the project was a huge success and the customer was very pleased with the results. Startup and Commissioning went smoothly with onsite operator training for the CAD-to-Path workflow and overall system operation.

If you have an Automation project and are looking for a team member, not just a vendor - let us know how to help!

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